I make several different double bass models inspired by famous historical instruments of the French, Italian and Vienese schools.

This range of instruments allows each musician to fine exactly what he or she is looking for with respect to sound and personal esthetic. Indeed, my craft has developed largely through many meaningful collaboration with musicians.

The violas da Gamba I make are inspired by historical instruments by Nicolas Bertrand, Claude Pierray, Michel Colichon, Henry Jaye...

I place a great deal of importance on the woods I choose to work with: the soundboards are made of european mountain spruce with regular years; the backs ribs and necks are made of figured mapple. These woods dry naturaly in my workshop over many years, guaranteeing the quality and stability of my instruments.

Each instrument may be uniquely customized.

In addition to the instruments described above, and after requests from students and professional musicians on tour, I have designed a reliable double bass model with a very good sound quality at a more affordable price. It is called the "Vercors", named after the Vercors Montain, which can be seen from my workshop. This instrument is a gamba shaped model with a round back. It is a manageable size and very comfortable to play in many styles of music.