Audio :

Yann Dubost (Orchestre de Paris) plays the Gavinès Model Double Bass made in 1986 "Allegretto Cappriccioso" by Bottesini :

Malachy Robinson (Irish Chamber Orchestra) plays the Charles Quenoil Model Double Bass "Suite n°1 pour contrebasse" by Raisigl :

Some of my favorite links :

Yann Dubost
Doublebassist, Orchestre de Paris.

Nicholas Walker
Doublebassist, Composer and Teacher.

Hans Sturm
Doublebassist, Composer and Teacher.

Caroline Emery, Teacher, Royal College of Music London and Yehudi Menuhin School.

Irish Chamber Orchestra
Malachy Robinson, Doublebassist.

Slava Publishing
Music publisher for double bass and equipment retailer.

International Society of Bassists

Association des Bassistes et Contrebassistes De France

Alan Stevenson Cases
Trunks for double bass and cello.